SUCCESS Strategic Use of Competitiveness towards Consolidating the Economic Sustainability of the european Seafood sector
SUCCESSStrategic Use of Competitiveness towards Consolidating the Economic Sustainability of the european Seafood sector 


In an objective of communication and dissemination, the SUCCESS project wanted to meet people working in the field of fisheries and aquaculture in Europe and film them "in their reality", to highlight some innovative practices and new ways of fishing in today's Europe.
Caroline RUBENS, filmmaker, will shoot several short documentaries throughout the three years of the project, in different places of Europe. They will be shared on the website to illustrate some examples of "success stories" in the field of fisheries and aquaculture.

Discover a medley of all our short documentaries throughout Europe. Some of them are already available in full version below, others will be uploaded soon...

"The power of a label, the strengh of tradition" - Tarifa, SPAIN

Discover the second part of the meeting between Caroline Rubens and fishermen from Tarifa in Spain.



In Tarifa, in the South of Spain, people fish bream. Small fishermen boats go out at night in the Gibraltar waters to throw into the water stones on which they tighten fishing lines with hooks. This is the traditional way of fishing.


The  fishermen from Tarifa go to the Strait of Gibraltar because the sea bream is firmer and more muscular, because of the strong currents. To stand out from its Spanish and Moroccan competitors fishing a bream that does not have the same quality (less firm or less fresh), the COFRADÍA from Tarifa has decided to create a label that allows fishermen to sell their fish at a higher price. Selling a more expensive fish allows them to fish less, to comply with the renewal of the banks and to keep their traditional way of fishing.

Fishermen from Tarifa claim a fishery which ensures that their children (who will probably be fishermen in turn later) will still have fish to catch.

"A WAY OF FISHING - Tarifa FISH LABEL"- Tarifa, Spain

In the first part of the documentary, Caroline Rubens met with fishermen from Tarifa who tell us the story of the Tarifa fish label. Watch the movie


Type of initiative / Room For Improvement: Labelling and certification

"The small-scale fisheries platform" - France

Caroline Rubens met Ken Kawahara, the manager of the small scale fisheries platform created in 2013 in France. This platform wishes to promote the small scale fisheries sector and defends the right for a small scale fisherman to receive a fair revenue from his work, especially as the fish he provides is actually a high quality fish. The ambition is to create a national label for small scale fisheries products. Watch the movie


 Type of initiative / Room For Improvement: Institutional changes & Labelling and certification

"The Brittany Sea Bass liners: A story of a label" – France

The “Bar de Ligne de la Pointe de Bretagne » is a collective brand, created in 1993 by a group of small-scale fishermen, faced with a strong competition from farmed Sea Bass then from large scale fleets. Gwen Pennarun, a coastal liner and the current president of the association “Bar de Ligne de la Pointe de Bretagne », invited Caroline Rubens to share a fishing day targeting Sea Bass.  He narrated the story of the label and its success.   Watch the movie
Check the website :


Type of initiative / Room For Improvement: Labelling and certification

"SUMWING" - The Netherlands

Some years ago, a Dutch fisherman called Jaap Van der Vis witnessed his fellow fishermen quitting their jobs because of the recession due to the increase in oil prices. But Jaap, instead of giving up, started to look for a way to get out of the economic slump in order to transfer his business to his son - because they had been "fishermen for generations in the Van der Vis family".

His idea to reduce the fishing boat oil consumption by improving the net and its water resistance. To do so, Jaap decided to meet with an engineer called Harmen Klein Woolthuis. The meeting between both men, coming from two different worlds and combining various skills, led to real technical solutions enabling to boost the Dutch fishing activity. Watch the film and learn more about their story


Type of initiative / Room For Improvement: New production technique/mode

"Mr Hofer's green trouts" - GERMANY

In September 2015, Bertrand Le Gallic, coordinator of SUCCESS, and Caroline Rubens, film director, went to Germany for a study trip to visit carp fish farms. They met with Stefan Hoffer, a local producer of carps very concerned with sustainability and technological innovations. Learn more and watch the movie.

Type of initiative / Room For Improvement: New production technique/mode

"Fish Lesson" - Trapani, Italy

In May 2016, Caroline Rubens met with Salvatore and his son Natale Amoroso, two proud fishermen from Trapani. While the father dedicated his life to fishing on his boat, his son decided to innovate, open a restaurant of local fish and create a cooperative of fishermen from Trapani. His idea is to organize and modernize the practices, while preserving the resources.

Learn more and watch the movie

Type of initiative / Room For Improvement: New commercial outlets & New products

"The collective strength" - Chioggia, Italy

Between March and May 2016, Caroline Rubens travelled through Italy and met with local fishermen from Chioggia, who founded a cooperative to regulate and monitor the fishing of fasolari in their area according to the local demand.

The results of this organization proved very efficient and contributed to revitalise a sector that was suffering from the economical crisis. Learn more and watch the movie

Type of initiative / Room For Improvement: Institutional change & New commercial outlets / Producer organizations

"Feed Europe" - Finland

Caroline Rubens met with two founders of the Hatala company in Finland. This company went from a small family business to an international company which combines traditional values with modern technology to produce and sell a wide selection of salmon-based products from Finland and Norway. Learn more and watch the movie

Type of initiative / Room For Improvement: New production technique/mode

"Of fishes, birds & men" - BARYCZ VALLEY, POLAND

Discover the story shot by Caroline Rubens in Poland about Jan Krysztof Raftowicz, fishfarmer in the Barycz Valley. Learn more and watch the movie

Type of initiative / Room For Improvement: New production technique/mode & New commercial outlets

SUCCESS is a H2020 Research and Innovation Project (2015-2018)

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“This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 635188”