SUCCESS Strategic Use of Competitiveness towards Consolidating the Economic Sustainability of the european Seafood sector
SUCCESSStrategic Use of Competitiveness towards Consolidating the Economic Sustainability of the european Seafood sector 

SLOWFISH 2017 - Genova, 18-21 May 2017


SUCCESS' presentation during Slwofish 2017

  • 12 posters, 5 movies presented by guests’ stakeholders involved in and a team of 10 SUCCESS partners (from Nisea, UBO, IFREMER, UNIPA, Fishpass and Markmar) ensuring day by day the presentation of our works.


  • The SUCCESS team organized 2 round tables focusing on specific case studies linked with movies projected (1 on Thursday and 1 on Friday) and 1 synthetic in Saturday gathering all the guests stakeholders, LIFE representatives, SUCCESS team and visitors; discussions were about the difficulties raised by the management of shared resources between small scale and large scale fleets, the complexity of the EU policies and the risk of contradictions or misunderstandings in interpretation of these policies at national, regional or local levels.


  • More than 50 feed-back questionnaires were filled in by visitors, including foreign ones. Synthesis is in progress and will be presenting in the next SUCCESS meeting in Athens.


  • Members of the SUCCESS team also participated to Slowfish events, for instance the discussion “Do small scale fisheries merit a separate policy?” organized by LIFE Sunday morning within the Slowfish events.



SUCCESS visitors


  • Unbelievably, the stand welcomed:
    • More than 200 visitors during the 4 days (around 100 visiting the stand and 100 taking broad information about the project on the desk), from several countries including extra EU (USA, Japan but also African countries), covering institutional, scientific and industry stakeholders but also simple citizens interested as fish consumers and/or concerned by sustainability issues.
    • A French class of secondary school, prepared by their teachers in Slowfish topics. They discovered the fishing Sea Bass liner activity, thanks to the movie, and engaged a fruitful discussion with Ken Kawahara, a French stakeholder guest.


  • The SUCCESS stand was honored by the visit of Renata Briano from the EU parliament, the president of the Slowfish scientific committee (Silvestro Greco), a delegation of the Sicilian regional administration (the general director of the fishery department Dario Cartabellotta), the Italian senator Andrea Cioffiand and many fisheries institutional and stakeholders including our guests and LIFE representatives (Jerry Percy and Claudia Orlandini).


  • 2 journalists have ensured a strong coverage of our events (Thomas Jensen from Eurofish magazine and Maria Ballatore from Pesceinrete, an Italian magazine).

Book of abstract

Slowfish 2017 - Book of abstract
Document Adobe Acrobat [769.2 KB]



Fabienne Daurès




Fabienne Daurès et al.





Laurent Le Grel




Christophe Macabiau





Pirrone C. et al





Feucht Yvonne and Zander Katrine



Maria Odriozola et al.




Gioacchino Fazio et al.




Rosaria F. Sabatella et al.





Loretta Malvarosa et al.





Simon Mardle & Bertrand Le Gallic



Myriam Nourry et al.


Labelling the Sea Bass Coastal fishery - Lessons from the French Experience


A fish-box scheme in France



Fishcodes: Connecting Fishermen and Consumers


Consumers perception about coastal fishery and its products - What focuss group on Italy and France tell us?


Consumer preferences and communication of coastal fisheries


Comparative analysis on scallop value chain (France, UK and Spain)


Labelling, new products and marketing strategies in the Trapani fish market


Direct selling strategies: the case of the cuttlefish in the Gulf of Salerno


Co-management for sedentary species - The case of the “fasolari” fishery in Northern Adriatic


Innovative strategy in the value chain for coastal scallops in France and UK


Non-market value or traditional activities



Films presented


The small-scale fisheries platform" - France

(watch the movie)


"The Brittany Sea bass liners: a story of label" - France

(watch the movie)


"Tarifa fish label" - Spain

(watch the movie)



"Fish lesson" - Trapani, Italy

(watch the movie)


"The collective strength" - Chiogga, Italy

(watch the movie)

SUCCESS is a H2020 Research and Innovation Project (2015-2018)

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