SUCCESS Strategic Use of Competitiveness towards Consolidating the Economic Sustainability of the european Seafood sector
SUCCESSStrategic Use of Competitiveness towards Consolidating the Economic Sustainability of the european Seafood sector 

National Marine Educators Association Conference

june 2017 - CHARLESTON (United States)

On June 25-29, 2017, Bertrand LE GALLIC, coordinator of SUCCESS, was invited to attend to the annual National Marine educators Association (NMEA) Conference in Charleston, USA. This year conference theme was "Seas of Change: Lowcountry Lessons in Resiliency".



Bertrand LE GALLIC participated to the "AORA Workshop : Educators Informing Public Perceptions of Aquaculture Across the Atlantic and Beyond". The objective of this workshop was to provide educators from around the Atlantic the opportunity to learn from and engage with aquaculture experts (science, education, extension, informal aquarium education) and to elicit input to address issues related to public perceptions. Approximately 20 people from the formal and informal U.S. education community (universities, aquariums education programmes, regional fishery management council, NOAA Sea Grant and NMEA chapters) attended the Workshop. Bertrand LE GALLIC shared the view from the Transatlantic Aquaculture Working Group and Perceptions and Preferences Across Europe towards Aquaculture



See the record of the conference here :


To learn more about NMEA, please consult their website.

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Public Perceptions & Preferences towards Aquaculture across Europe (…and the US) - Le Gallic, van Osch, Froehlich, Gentry, Rust, Grimm, Halpern, Hynes
NMEA conference Charleston - Combined Pr[...]
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