SUCCESS Strategic Use of Competitiveness towards Consolidating the Economic Sustainability of the european Seafood sector
SUCCESSStrategic Use of Competitiveness towards Consolidating the Economic Sustainability of the european Seafood sector 

SUCCESS participation to the fish international - BREMEN

The fish international is the only trade fair for fish and seafood in Germany and takes place every two years. This year the fish international took place between the 14th and 16th of February 2016 and attracted about 11,700 visitors. The fair is an important meeting place for the fish and seafood industry. Among the biggest exhibitors at fish international were Deutsche See and Transgourmet Seafood from Bremerhaven. Numerous product innovations were shown to the audience.


SUCCESS partners from the Thuenen-Institute (Darja Regorsek, Yvonne Feucht, Ralf Doering and Tobias Lasner) visited the trade fair in order to explore product innovations and to actively participate in the sectoral dialog "Image of aquaculture" which took place on the 15th February. 

For the sectoral dialog different speakers were invited. Mr. Björn Hermelink from the IGB in Berlin presented (a public online information source with respect to aquaculture), Mr. Andreas Lippmann from Bio know how discussed the differences between organic and conventional aquaculture, Ms. Aline Hock from Sustainable Food talked about the chances sustainability bears for aquaculture and Mr. Björn Suckow from the ttz Bremerhaven talked about the image of aquaculture amongst consumers. Also Ms. Yvonne Feucht discussed the medial reporting on aquaculture in Germany based on the results of a recently finished study.


Afterwards, all speakers discussed together with the audience the public image of aquaculture in Germany. The discussion pointed out that many consumers have low knowledge about aquaculture. This knowledge gap would lead to a neutral to negative public image of aquaculture. Thus, the panel saw a need to improve the image of aquaculture in Germany. Suggested means for improving the image were:


  • The enhancement of consumer knowledge about aquaculture by the inclusion of aquaculture in the school education, by information offers in the internet, by regular events such as an aquaculture day every year, by open house days on fish farms and by information offers in restaurants. In this vain, it was pointed out that it is important to tell a story instead of just stating facts in order to catch the interest of consumers. Also participants underlined that all undertaken actions need to take place on a regular base in order to build up knowledge and interest.
  • Reliable and honest communication of present production practices in order to enhance trust in aquaculture.
  • Continuous improvement of aquaculture practices with respect to environmental, social and animal welfare aspects.
  • The certification of all aquaculture products by a basic standard.
  • The introduction of a certification scheme for German aquaculture products.


Finally, the panel wished for a stronger collaboration within the German sector in order to foster the image of German aquaculture.


The second newsletter of the SUCCESS project was displayed at the booth of the organizer of the sectoral dialog - the ttz Bremerhaven.


SUCCESS is a H2020 Research and Innovation Project (2015-2018)

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